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Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies: Emerging Voices

10 Publications

Agencies, Roles and Their Choices: Reform of the Korean Legal Profession from 1995 to 2007

Northeast Asian countries including Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan, have recently considered adopting the U.S.-style legal education as a revolutionary remedy to dissolve chronic problems of the Pre-Reform system. Especially in Korea and Japan, reform of the legal professional training system underwent a profound transformation by switching their four-year undergraduate…

From “Cardinal Sin” to Policy Agenda? The Role of Capital Controls in Emerging Market Economies

Korea’s economic development since the 1980s has occurred in the context of capital controls and a strong governmental role in achieving sustained growth. The experiences of two financial crises—the Asian financial crisis (1997–98) and the global financial crisis (2008–09)—confirm the impression of a highly responsive state, although different pictures emerge…

Aligned but not Allied: ROK—Japan Bilateral Military Cooperation

Conflict and cooperation are constants in the discipline of international relations. In the case of the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) and Japan’s bilateral military relations, the overwhelming interest in what drives conflict has tended to overshadow any analysis of diplomatic cooperation. In fact, many have cited the lingering effects of…

South Korea’s Nuclear Development Assistance in Southeast Asia: The Implications and Challenges of the Security Environment in the 21st Century

Since the advent of the Nuclear Age, the terrifying prospect of an accidental nuclear explosion raises grave security concerns. This issue remains under-examined in Asia, even though there is an unprecedented growth in nuclear generating capacity in China, Japan, South Korea, and India. With Southeast Asia in its backyard, these…