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Tami Overby Headshot

Tami Overby

Senior Director
McLarty Associates

Tami Overby, Senior Director at McLarty Associates, advises clients on Asia and trade matters, with a particular focus on Korea.

Ms. Overby joins McLarty Associates with three decades of Asia work, including 21 years living and working in Seoul.  Her most recent experience includes eight years leading the US Chamber of Commerce’s Asia team while also serving as President of the US Korea Business Council.

Ms. Overby’s extensive experience helps American companies compete and prosper in Asia.  She attended many of the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) negotiating rounds, often leading the American business delegation to help ensure US firms’ priorities were well understood by the negotiating partners.  She oversaw the US Coalition for TPP, an alliance led by the US Chamber, the Business Roundtable, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Farm Bureau and the Emergency Committee for Trade.

In addition, she directed the US Chamber’s APEC efforts, which involved leading the Chamber’s annual delegation together with the National Center for APEC, the US ASEAN Business Coalition and Business Councils.

Ms. Overby’s extensive Asia experience includes working on both high profile trade disputes with our government and our Asian trade partners as well on market access and investment issues throughout the region.

During her 14-year tenure as President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, she actively supported efforts towards a bilateral trade agreement that resulted in the successful completion of the US Korea Free Trade Agreement.  She then came to Washington DC, where she led the successful US Korea FTA Coalition effort for ratification, which included an extensive US grassroots campaign that ultimately resulted in ratification.

Ms. Overby sits on the board of The Korea Society and the International Student Council, as well as the Korea Economic Institute’s Advisory Council and the US-Asia Institute. She received her BS in Business Administration and Management from the University of Arkansas.

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