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The Peninsula

The Peninsula blog is a project of the Korea Economic Institute. It is designed to provide a wide ranging forum for discussion of the foreign policy, economic, and social issues that impact the Korean peninsula.

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Japan–South Korea–US relations thawed, but not warm enough

Daniel Sneider
September 7, 2023
The August 18, 2023 summit at Camp David was rightly hailed as a breakthrough moment for Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

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2022 in Review: Is Korea Becoming More Polarized?

Stephan Haggard
January 3, 2023
Korean voters are generally centrist. However, there is some evidience of growing political polarization, especially among partisan voters.

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Partisanship Discourages Responsive Policy

Yu Na Choi
July 23, 2022
Recurring deadlocks in the National Assembly are fed by and worsen the public’s alienation from the political process.

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Korea’s ad hoc and instrumental refugee policy

Yu Na Choi
July 4, 2022
South Korea’s refugee policies to-date have been largely responsive to the country’s political and economic demands, not principles.

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Evolution of South Korean Party Politics

Kaitlyn King
July 2, 2022
Recent changes in Democratic Party leadership point to politics focusing on identifying and catering to core constituents.

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Controversial Gwangju: Why May 18 Stands Out among Korea’s Democratization Movement Anniversaries

Benjamin Engel
May 5, 2022
Distorted historical narratives prevent South Korea from fully coming to terms with the 1980 Gwangju Democracy Movement and inhibit democratic growth.

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The Foreign Policy Outlook of South Korean Progressives: Part IV

S. Nathan Park
April 27, 2022
Pragmatism represents a common theme in South Korea's liberal foreign policy, responding to external pressures as well as internal constraints.

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Mapping Kim Jong-un’s Appearances, 2012-2021

Danbee Lee
April 15, 2022
There is a long tradition of considering North Korean leaders’ public appearances as a potential source of information on the regime’s priorities.

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