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The Peninsula

The Peninsula blog is a project of the Korea Economic Institute. It is designed to provide a wide ranging forum for discussion of the foreign policy, economic, and social issues that impact the Korean peninsula.

North Korea’s External Information Sector and Implications for the World

Terrence Matsuo
April 1, 2021
In his first remarks to the western press ahead of his second meeting with then President Donald Trump, Chairman Kim Jong-un said: “I won’t make predictions. But I instinctively feel…

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South Korea's Strategic Partnership in the Middle East

Korea View
March 31, 2021
South Korea reaffirms its strategic relationship with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a high-level visit to the country.

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North Korea’s Search for Leverage

Korea View
March 25, 2021
Despite the tone and veiled threat, Pyongyang’s recent criticism of U.S.–ROK joint military drills may not necessarily signal an escalation of tensions.

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South Korea Focuses its Sights on South America

Korea View
March 24, 2021
South Korea aims to expand trade partnerships with South American countries, building on ongoing efforts to diversify the number of trade partners.

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North Korea Sanctions and the Fungibility Problem

Hazel Smith
March 23, 2021
‘It is prohibited to attack, destroy, remove, or render useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population, such as foodstuffs, agricultural areas for the production of foodstuffs, crops,…

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Citizens Signal Dissatisfaction in Polls

Korea View
March 22, 2021
Opinion polls show growing support of critics of the Moon administration and the main opposition People Power Party (PPP).

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A More Proactive South Korean Foreign Policy?

Korea View
March 19, 2021
South Korea suggested that it may join the U.S.-led Quad+ initiative, suggesting it is prepared to become a more proactive player in the region.

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A Day Late, But Not a Dollar Short: The New U.S.- Korea Burden-Sharing Agreement

Kyle Ferrier
March 18, 2021
After more than a year since the previous one expired, the U.S. and South Korea finally agreed to terms for a new military burden-sharing deal. The Special Measures Agreement (SMA)…

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