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Korean Kontext

The Korean Kontext

Korean Kontext is a podcast series by the Korea Economic Institute of America in Washington, D.C. Its aim is to provide listeners with a source for broad-based, substantive information about the U.S.-Korean relationship from all angles: political, cultural, economic, and social. Tackling major topics using current and historical context, interviews with prominent policy leaders, scholars,and artists, and in-depth analysis, Korean Kontext is crafted to inform the newcomer and the Korea guru alike. The views expressed here are the interviewees’ alone.

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Defending Korea and a Letter to Pvt. Parker: John Stevens

June 12, 2020

On June 25, 1950, North Korea launched a surprise invasion against South Korea and started a war that has not yet been formally ended. It…

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Troubles Apologies in the Time of Pandemic: Alexis Dudden

June 5, 2020

The pandemic has been going on for so long that international affairs observers nearly forgot that two of America’s closest allies in one of the…

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Korean Baseball Comes to Bat in America: Mark Lippert, Eric Hacker, Daniel Kim, Dan Kurtz, Esther Lee, Troy Stangarone

May 29, 2020

While the rest of the world is still struggling to contain the outbreak of COVID-19, South Korea – progressing steadily in its containment of the…

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The Last Transition Economy: Vincent Koen

May 22, 2020

Even in some fantastical scenario where Kim Jong-un suddenly decides to give up nuclear weapons and end his regime’s flagrant disregard for human rights, the…

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Diplomacy or Readiness: Terence Roehrig

May 15, 2020

International observers were shocked when President Trump met with North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un in June 2018. But amid the spectacle of these two…

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Succession in North Korea: Ken Gause, Chris Steinitz

May 8, 2020

After weeks of keeping the international community spellbound with his sudden disappearance and rumors of his death, Kim Jong-un has reemerged in public. But this…

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Two Disappearances and a Funeral: Mark Tokola

May 1, 2020

Where in the world is Kim Jong-un? The dictator of North Korea who appears so fond of being filmed and photographed has disappeared from sight…

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Winning an Election during a Pandemic: Scott Snyder, Kang Insun, and Song Hochang

April 24, 2020

On April 7, the American state of Wisconsin held an election to decide who would be the Democratic Party’s nominee for the US presidential election…

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