Jin Kyo Suh

Divergence on Economic Regionalism

For a time the endgame appeared to be under way in TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) negotiations and attention was shifting from the potential competition between TPP, RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership), and the CJK FTA (China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Agreement) to the implications of a TPP agreement for various countries.

Korean Bridge: Balancing Asian Economic Regionalism Between the United States and China

The debate on TPP versus RCEP has been widely recognized as a struggle between the United States and China for expanding their influence in the Asia-Pacific region, and it is now commonplace for scholars to discuss the rivalry between the two agreements. Both the TPP and RCEP agreements could invigorate the sluggish Asia-Pacific economy by promoting trade liberalization and economic integration; however, the story is not so simple because they have been recognized as being a political tool as well as economic drivers.

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