A Conversation with Ambassador Chris Hill

We are joined in the Korean Kontext studio by Ambassador Christopher Hill, who has recently taken up the position of Dean of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver after recently concluding an assignment as United States Ambassador to Iraq in 2010. During his more than three decades at the Department of State, Ambassador Hill has served as U.S. Ambassador to four countries, including South Korea. Ambassador Hill has garnered a reputation as a high-stakes negotiator, having served as Head of Delegation for the Six Party Talks as well as deputy to chief negotiator Richard Holbrooke at the Dayton Peace Talks, which brokered the Bosnia peace settlement in 1995.

In this conversation, Ambassador Hill reflects upon his personal experiences as a career diplomat, his observations from the vantage point of a high-level negotiator, influences on his own career decision-making, and how he has managed to keep his cool in one of the most stressful career paths one could take.

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