Visiting Officials


As an institution that promotes dialogue and understanding between the United States and Korea, KEI serves as an important venue for government, NGO, and corporate officials from Korea, the United States, and other countries to present their views on a wide range of political and economic issues.  KEI’s large, state-of-the-art conference facility located in downtown Washington, DC provides the right environment and space for officials to engage the DC policy community in a public event or with its counterparts in private workshop meetings.  The conference facility is equipped with modern audio-visual equipment that permits livestreaming and facilitates the capturing of events by major media crews.  As such, KEI is a frequent place for conferences, seminars, and training programs in Washington, DC.  Recently, KEI has hosted senior government South Korean officials, such as Finance Minister Yoon Jeung-hyun, Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Moon Soo, Bank of Korea Governor Kim Choong-su, and National Assemblywoman Na Kyung-won, for major events.

To host an event at KEI’s conference facilities, please contact