Q: What is the purpose of this website?

Korea Analytics is run by the Korea Economic Institute and designed to be a comprehensive source for up-to-date data related to the Korean peninsula.  The website aggregates data from a wide range of sources in a universal format and keeps all data up to date.

Q: How does the website work?

The data on  Korea Analytics is currently split up by country, with data divided into sets related to both the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). All data appears in two universal formats throughout the site, in the form of both interactive data visualizations and in raw data sets. Given the vast range of sources of data used in this website, KEI has provided sourcing pages associated with each visualization that detail the origins of specific data.

Q. What is the Data Analysis Blog?

In addition to hosting a wide range of data, this website will contain regularly updated analysis that will interpret data and both attempt to inform and explain trends in shifting data.  This analysis is intended to give context to the raw data and serve as an entry point for those more interested in general patterns that data is showing. For the convenience of visitors, this data analysis is split up across two categories: South and North Korea.

Q: What is a Data Visualization?

Instead of just posting raw data to this platform in the form of Excel spreadsheets, KEI has elected to visualize all data using a software solution: Tableau Public.  By visualizing the data in this way, visitors are not only able to interact with it within their browsers, but also instantly see trends and obtain underlying raw data should they need.  Visitors are even able to download the visualizations to view and manipulate offline.

Q: How can I download the underlying data in Excel compatible format?

Should you want to download the underlying data in an Excel compatible format, simply click the arrow button at the bottom of each visualization. Then select the format you would like the data in. Your data set will then download and you will be able to open it in your preferred application / program.

Q: What’s the "Download" link on the visualization?

Any Tableau Public viz can be downloaded by pressing the download link in the lower right corner. It saves to your computer as a .TWBX file. Anyone with Tableau Reader can view the visualization offline at lightning speed.  Users with Tableau Professional, Personal or Public Edition can open the file and review or extend the work that was behind the original posting.

Q: The Tableau visualization is running slowly on my computer. How do I improve performance?

For the most part, Tableau visualizations offer a smooth user experience for visitors to engage with data-sets. However, some users may experience slow-downs on some of the larger data visualizations that incorporate tens of thousands of lines of data.  In these cases, Korea Analytics recommends users download the data visualization file (as instructed above) for viewing offline using the Tableau Reader software.

Q: Does Tableau Reader work on a Mac?

Macintosh users can view Tableau Public content in their browser. Tableau Reader and Desktop Public Edition are used for viewing / authoring content in Windows only. If you are using a Macintosh computer that has an Intel processor, you can use virtualization software such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop to install Windows and run Tableau Desktop Public Edition. Alternatively, you can use a built-in utility called BootCamp to install Windows and run the Tableau software.

Part of this FAQ appears on the Tableau Software website, here.