Community Outreach


Beyond the policy and academic world, KEI actively engages the broader community that is interested in Korea related issues. The institute support a number of cultural, educational, and policy outreach programs to inform the broader American communities about Korea. KEI supported programs include the following:

- Korean Kontext Podcast - This program is an interview show that explores the lives of those that influence and shape both U.S.-Korea relations and the Korean American community.

- Korea Club - a northern Virginia based regular forum at WoolaeOak Restaurant in Tysons Corner to hear special speakers on Korea. 

- Korean American Day - each year on January 13th, KEI sponsors a premier luncheon in downtown Washington, DC to recognize the Korean American communities who contributed to the United States.

-  Future of Korea - in collaboration with the World Affairs Council, KEI brings State Department and Korean Embassy officials to the heartland of the United States to hold a variety of seminar programs on Korea. 

- Cultural Events - In cooperation with cultural organizations like the Korea Society, KEI holds receptions or movie nights to showcase Korean art, entertainment, or culture.