Board of Directors & Advisory Council


Board of Directors

KEI’s Board of Directors are responsible for the oversight and long-term direction of the Institute.  They appoint the President of KEI, who performs all duties as Chief Executive Officer, and is ex officio a member of the board. Outside Directors serve for a two year term and may be re-elected.  The outside directors are:

Yoon-Shik Park
Professor of International Finance
George Washington University
David Steinberg
Distinguished Professor of Asian Studies Emeritus
Georgetown University
Hyun Oh-Seok
Chair Professor
Korea National Diplomatic Academy
Danny M. Leipziger
Professior of International Business
George Washington University
Mark Fitzpatrick 
Executive Director
Jin Kyo Suh
Distinguished Resident Fellow 
U.S. Korea Institute, Johns Hopkins University

Advisory Council


KEI’s Advisory Council is a distinguished group of American and Korean academic, business and former government officials who meet twice a year to discuss current issues of importance to the U.S.-Korea alliance and provide informal advice to KEI’s president and staff on future direction of KEI activities. The Advisory Council members include:

Mr. Bradley Babson
U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS

Dr. Claude Barfield
American Enterprise Institute

Dr. Thomas F. Cargill
University of Nevada, Reno

Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt
American Enterprise Institute

Dr. John Endicott 
Woosong University

Mr. Robert Fallon
Phosplatin Therapeutics, LLC

Mr. Gordon Flake
Perth USAsia Centre

The Honorable Thomas C. Hubbard
McLarty Associates/The Korea Society

The Honorable James A. Kelly
EAP Associates, LLC.

Mr. Abraham Kim 
Mansfield Center

Mr. Andrew B. Kim
Sit/Kim International

Mr. Spencer Kim
CBOL Corporation

Mr. Bruce Klingner
Heritage Foundation

Dr. Kirk W. Larsen 
Brigham Young University

His Excellency Tae-sik Lee
Former ROK Ambassador to the United States

Dr. Young-Sun Lee 
Yonsei University

Dr. Wonhyuk Lim 
Korea Development Institute

Mr. Paul M. McGonagle 

The Honorable Mark C. Minton
Indiana University

Dr. G. Mustafa Mohatarem 
General Motors Corporation

Dr. Chung-in Moon 
Yonsei University

Dr. Hugh T. Patrick 
Columbia University

The Honorable Ernest H. Preeg 
Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI

Dr. Mitchell B. Reiss 
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Mr. Alan Romberg 
Henry L. Stimson Center

Dr. Jeffrey R. Shafer 

The Honorable Kathleen Stephens 
Stanford University

His Excellency Joun-yung Sun 
UN Association of the ROK

Mr. W. Robert Warne 
Former KEI President

Mr. Joseph A.B. Winder 
Former KEI President