DAILY PRESS 12/07/2017

DAILY PRESS 12/07/2017


1. (LEAD) Lawmaker says Moon, Xi share understanding on 'freeze for freeze' idea to resolve N.K. nuclear issue
2. Two B-1B bombers train over Yellow Sea
3. PM: S. Korea to seek strongest sanctions, pressure on N. Korea
4. N.K. warns it will not avoid war with U.S. though it does not want one
5. North Korea won't provoke during PyeongChang Olympics: IOC communicator
6. N. Korean missile tests reats concerning international airlines
7. Korean Army to soon form ‘dronebot’ unit
8. Foreign minister: North’s ICBMs are incomplete

News & Politics

9. (LEAD) Defense ministry names journalist as first female spokesperson
10. (LEAD) Moon calls for new 'globalized' standards to protect human rights
11. Komeito party chief vows encourage many Japanese to visit PyongChang Olympics
12. Fears growing over TB in Noryangjin
13. Hanyang Univ. students, residents clash over new dorm plan
14. New High-Quality $100 Fakes Found in Korea
15. S. Korea to persuade EU to exclude it from tax haven blacklist
16. Moon taps judicial training institute chief as new head of state watchdog


17. (LEAD) Hyundai workers to continue strikes next week
18. Financial authorities reviewing accounting practices of GM Korea
19. Former chief of Daewoo Shipbuilding gets 6 years in jail for accounting fraud
20. (LEAD) S. Korea to step up economic cooperation with Russia
21. Budget stresses jobs, and cuts welfare for infrastructure
22. Cryptocurrency group imposes regulations
23. Korea’s agricultural exports to China rebound amid THAAD row thaw
24. Foreign IBs revise up S. Korea's growth outlook


25. Fueling growth momentum
26. [Editorial] Do not lower guard