DAILY PRESS 12/05/2017

DAILY PRESS 12/05/2017


1. (4th LD) Senior U.N. official in N. Korea for 'policy dialogue'
2. S. Korean Army to form weaponized drone unit next year
3. S. Korea, France agree to intensify coordination against N.K. issues
4. N.K. claims int'l sanctions hurt human rights of those with disabilities
5. [Herald Interview]‘Pre-emptive strike against North Korea is impossible’: Japanese scholar
6. Pyongyang suffering from lack of power supply: report
7. As US, allies show off military force, China shows growing unease
8. Number of North Korea fishing boats found drifting in Japanese waters

News & Politics

9. S. Korea asks for efforts to protect its people in Philippines
10. Gov't to redo feasibility study on 2nd airport on Jeju
11. Paris Baguette to face fine over baker hiring
12. Reunification 'Won't Solve Low Birthrate, Aging Society'
13. Moon named 'global thinker'
14. Prosecution chief vows to end corruption probe soon
15. Incheon opens library for blind people
16. President Moon calls for enhanced ties with Pacific island nations


17. S. Korea's per-capita GDP to top US$30,000 in 2018: Goldman Sachs
18. (LEAD) S. Korea's current account surplus dips to US$5.72 bln for Oct
19. Gov't to submit KORUS FTA plan to parliament on Dec. 18
20. S. Korea becomes world's sixth largest exporter
21. Moon’s policies get green light
22. Banks follow BOK and raise rates
23. Corporate tax hike in the offing
24. Record dividends expected this year


25. Facing the cold truth
26. Another sea disaster