DAILY PRESS 12/04/2017

DAILY PRESS 12/04/2017


1. (2nd LD) S. Korea, U.S. begin massive air combat drills
2. S. Korea, France to hold high-level talks to discuss N.K. issues
3. S. Korea says allies' ongoing air drill is defensive in nature
4. (LEAD) Trump will 'take care of' N. Korea by unilateral action if necessary: McMaster
5. US lawmaker: likelihood of 'preemptive war' with North Korea grows
6. US reiterates denuclearization as precondition for talks with NK
7. North’s army chief inspects JSA
8. Defector soldier reveals health conditions in N. Korea

News & Politics

9. (2nd LD) Rival parties reach tentative agreement over next year's budget
10. (2nd LD) Moon urges swift parliamentary approval of budget plan for economic recovery
11. Rival parties hold last-minute talks on govt budget
12. Moon's approval rating drops amid N. Korean provocation
13. (LEAD) 3 missing in African merchant ship sinking in Yellow Sea
14. Water-resistant phone behind survival in Incheon boat sinking
15. 13,000 undocumented foreign workers caught this year
16. Japan snubs UNESCO recommendation on forced Korean laborers


17. (2nd LD) Rival parties reach tentative agreement over next year's budget
18. Online shopping purchases continue to rise in Oct.
19. Foreign ownership of S. Korean land inches up 0.3 pct in H1
20. Experts split on widening or tightening digital currency rules
21. [Global Finance Awards] KIS focuses on Vietnam as part of its Asian vision
22. [Global Finance Awards] Kakao Bank makes waves as convenient mobile bank
23. More Koreans favorable to conglomerates
24. Rate hike corners Hanjin, Dongbu


25. $30,000 income era
26. [Editorial] Meticulous plans