DAILY PRESS 11/29/2017

DAILY PRESS 11/29/2017


1. (2nd LD) Moon, Abe vow to seek additional U.N. sanctions against N. Korea
2. (3rd LD) N.K. declares completion of nukes with new ICBM test
3. S. Korea, U.S. vow close coordination against N.K. threats
4. (LEAD) Chronology of North Korea's missile, rocket launches
5. NK claims US now fully in range of its missiles
6. NK’s new ICBM still lacks key technology: experts
7. N. Korea's new ICBM can hit any target in US
8. 'North Korea wants a peace'

News & Politics

9. Former NIS chief under probe for allegedly misappropriating NIS funds
10. Defense chief discusses transparency enhancement with NGO official
11. Spy agency seeks to change name, delegate investigative authority
12. Seoul considers rescue flight to Bali
13. Cosmetic surgery brings over 200,000 foreign patients to Seoul
14. Huge amount of benzene found in water under Yongsan Garrison
15. Leaders of Korea, Sri Lanka agree to bolster ties
16. Ministry extends probe into brutal gov't crackdown on 1980 democratization uprising


17. (LEAD) Samsung Heavy bags US$240 mln order for 2 shuttle tankers
18. (LEAD) S. Korea to provide 1 mln homes for young people, underprivileged
19.  S. Korea to restructure money-losing overseas resource project
20. S. Korean firms call for stabilization of carbon market
21. S. Korean economy to grow 3 pct in 2018: think tank
22. FTC head highlights market stability, drive for transparency to assure foreign businesses
23. Gov’t works to bolster Kosdaq
24. Korea Federation of Banks appoints new head


25. Increasing lonely deaths
26. [Editorial] Caving in