DAILY PRESS 11/21/2017

DAILY PRESS 11/21/2017


1. S. Korea's foreign minister asks for UNHCR efforts to help N.K. defectors
2. N.K. welcome to join PyeongChang Olympics despite listing as terror sponsor
3. (News Focus) U.S. listing of N.K. as terror sponsor likely to dim outlook for talks: experts
4. (2nd LD) N.K. leader: Sanctions make our workers' spirit stronger
5. [Newsmaker] Hwang Pyong-so: second-most powerful official in hermit kingdom
6. North Korea likely to harden stance toward China, US
7. 'US has room for more sanctions against North Korea'
8. Moon allows South Korean to travel to North Korea

News & Politics

9. Korean Catholic Church steps up anti-abortion campaign
10. (LEAD) Police clash with protesters near THAAD base
11. Park gov't broke rules to promote state history textbooks: probe
12. Seoul seeking to become solar energy pioneer
13. Most nuke reactors' quake-proof capacities not confirmed
14. S. Korean PM stresses trust building, grassroots exchange with Vietnam
15. Opposition parties slam Moon for appointing controversial minister
16. Animal activists denounce revamp of dolphin show in Jeju


17. (LEAD) Low growth, high household debt threatening S. Korean economy: experts
18. S. Korean firms' corporate tax rate surpasses U.S.: report
19. Job offerings in S. Korea increase in 2016
20. S. Korea's exports up 9.7 pct in first 20 days of Nov.
21. Won appreciation tests economy
22. Probe of tax audits finds abuse of power signals
23. Well-paying jobs disappearing
24. Lawmakers seek additional tax hikes on HNB cigarettes


25. Reflecting on 'IMF era'
26. [Editorial] Meritless reinvestigation