DAILY PRESS 11/17/2017

DAILY PRESS 11/17/2017


1. (LEAD) China's special envoy leaves for Pyongyang amid tensions over N.K. nukes
2. (3rd LD) S. Korea, U.S vow peaceful resolution to N.K. issue, seek sanctions, pressure
3. N.K. declares nuclear negos impossible ahead of Chinese envoy's visit
4. N. Korea faces limits in securing ICBM reentry technology: spy agency
5. North Korean bullets crossed border in JSA
6. Military option should not be off the table
7. North Korean soldier stable, but riddled with parasites
8. Sudan to sever ties with N. Korea

News & Politics

9. Uzbek president to make state visit to S. Korea
10. S. Korea, Denmark to test maritime cloud technology
11. S. Korea, China agree on annual fishing quota
12. Ex-head of state lender gets heavier sentence in appeals trial for corruption
13. Earthquake damage continues; 1,789 displaced, 75 injured
14. 1.76 million foreigners live in South Korea; 3.4% of population
15. 72 countries to host TOPIK Korean proficiency test in 2018
16. (LEAD) Prosecutors raid Hyosung Group for suspected slush fund


17. U.S. protectionism poses increased threat, interrupts WTO's dispute settlement: ex-WTO chief
18. S. Korea's exports reach $500 bln mark at fastest pace this year
19. Home ownership rate in S. Korea stands at 55.5 pct in 2016
20. S. Korea's first commercial wind farm opens on Jeju
21. Posco to donate W1.5b toward Pohang earthquake relief
22. Won expected to extend gains against dollar
23. More money blues
24. Insurers shun quake policies


25. Bracing for earthquakes
26. [Editorial] NIS reform