DAILY PRESS 11/07/2017

DAILY PRESS 11/07/2017


1. S. Korean, U.S. marines in joint border island defense training
2. Nations urged to disrupt N. Korea's illicit financing activities
3. N.Korean Nuclear Test Site 'Heavily Contaminated'
4. Moon levies his first sanctions on Pyongyang
5. Koreans to President Trump: No tough talk, please
6. ‘NATO, Korea partners in universal peacemaking’
7. S. Korea, U.S., Australia to hold joint sea interdiction exercise
8. Pentagon: N. Korea's nuclear program can only be destroyed by ground invasion

News & Politics

9. (LEAD) S. Korea pushes for reciprocal visits by Moon, Xi
10. PM says it's hard to believe ex-President Chun wasn't involved in crackdown on Gwangju uprising
11. S. Korean leader offers condolence over U.S. shooting incident
12. 9 Bareun lawmakers decide to join LKP
13. Trump starts 12-day Asia visit
14. Assembly audit of Cheong Wa Dae crippled
15. Excavation begins to find bodies of slaughtered protesters
16. Koreans to President Trump: No tough talk, please


17. (LEAD) Smoking rate in S. Korea rebounds in 2016 despite price hike
18. S. Korea likely to achieve 3 pct economic growth this year
19. S. Korea, Russia agree to expand maritime cooperation
20. S. Korea partially opens test bed road for autonomous vehicles
21. Korea’s young generation has a debt problem
22. Korea’s per capita GNI poised to touch $30,000
23. [Monitor] More than half of ‘mobile only’ group in 50s, 60s
24. Trump to press on FTA, trade imbalance


25. Deregulation first
26. Conservatives' turning point