DAILY PRESS 11/03/2017

DAILY PRESS 11/03/2017


1. NSC holds discussion on own sanctions against N. Korea
2. Credible military capabilities should back up diplomatic actions to rein in N. Korea: USFK commander
3. (LEAD) U.S. considering relisting N.K. as state sponsor of terrorism: McMaster
4. (3rd LD) U.S. flies B-1B bombers over Korea ahead of Trump's Asia trip
5. [Newsmaker] NK sends warnings ahead of Trump’s visit to S. Korea
6. Seoul may announce further sanctions on NK: official
7. North Korean defector: 'I was nothing more than a modern slave'
8. IFRC downscales emergency appeal for flood victims in N.K.

News & Politics

9. Activists to stage anti-Trump rallies ahead of his visit
10. (2nd LD) Main opposition party decides to deprive Park of membership
11. Gov't OKs excavation to find Gwangju massacre victims' remains
12. Korea is Trump's shortest stop on East Asian tour
13. Explosion raises calls for strict rules on volatile materials
14. Sex offender registry for child porn convicts constitutional
15. (LEAD) Ruling party proposes policy dialogue with two minor parties
16. Prosecution launches probe against KBS chief over suspected bribery


17. (2nd LD) PyeongChang Olympics expected to be boon for S. Korea's tourism industry: finance minister
18. Number of temporary workers inches up in 2017
19. S. Korea core inflation lags behind economic improvement: BOK official
20. (LEAD) S. Korea's current account surplus widens to US$12.21 bln in September
21. Kakao Bank to introduce new services
22. Korea to reflect public opinion on FTA renegotiation
23. FTC to scrutinize chaebol holding firms, charities
24. Gov’t to establish 10 trillion won venture fund


25. Protect national interests
26. Another history war?