DAILY PRESS 10/25/2017

DAILY PRESS 10/25/2017


1. N. Korea downsizes missile tests in all 4th quarters under Kim: U.S. researcher
2. Bahrain submits first implementation report on N. Korea sanctions
3. (2nd LD) U.S. senator tells Trump to leave N.K. policy to 'professionals'
4. U.S. House passes N.K. sanctions bill honoring late detainee
5. Humanitarian aid to North Korea falling
6. U.S. military strike won't destroy all N. Korean nuclear capabilities: U.S. expert
7. U.S., Korea, Japan Up Pressure on Beijing Over South China Sea
8. Moon urges improved ties with four major powers for peaceful end to N.K. nukes

News & Politics

9. Gov't advisory panel rejects cable car project on Mt. Seorak
10. Prosecutors demand five years for student for hurting professor with bomb
11. S. Korea committed to development cooperation with Africa: top diplomat
12. S. Korea's new ambassador affirms two-track approach to Japan ties
13. Prosecution says data on Choi’s tablet is reliable
14. (News Focus) Mixed prospects for S. Korea-China ties after Xi tightens grip on power
15. Kim Kyo-heung named as National Assembly secretary-general
16. [Newsmaker] KCTU faces calls to return to three-way talks


17. S. Korea to hold public hearing on FTA renegotiation with U.S.
18. Data show large sums of untaxed wealth transfers
19. Sin taxes collected by gov't up sharply fueled by dues slapped on tobacco: data
20. Pro-labor policies risk hurting productivity
21. Monthly rent highest for 20s, 30s in Gangnam
22. Shinhan Card joins hands with PayPal in online payment
23. KDB IPO - much ado about nothing?
24. Supreme Court tears up Lone Star’s big tax bill


25. Too little, too late
26. [Editorial] Park effect