DAILY PRESS 10/19/2017

DAILY PRESS 10/19/2017


1. Army confident of destroying N. Korea with ballistic missiles at war
2. (LEAD) Two Koreas' diplomats to attend Russian forum this week
3. (2nd LD) S. Korean Navy seeks aviation command, new task fleet
4. Allies to mobilize Apache to block N. Korean special forces
5. Envoys of Korea, U.S., Japan confer on North
6. NK warns US faces “unimaginable strike” over joint naval drill
7. (Interview) U.S., N. Korea should hold high-level talks 'without preconditions': Gallucci
8. (Interview) Poland opposes military options against N.K., wants to give more time to sanctions

News & Politics

9. Foreign Minister Kang visits Europe
10. Park Ji-sung named first Korean torchbearer for 2018 PyeongChang Olympics
11. Park Geun-hye attempts to get international sympathy
12. (LEAD) Two Koreas' diplomats to attend Russian forum this week
13. S. Korea, Japan to jointly tackle low birthrate
14. S. Koreans evenly divided over whether to continue or end Shingori nuclear power plant project
15. Former presidential official arrested for alleged political interference
16. Unification minister to meet with UNFPA's head over census on N. Korea


17. (LEAD) Moon calls for increased cooperation with OECD for growth, job creation
18. Financial regulator to review tax breaks to boost KOSDAQ market
19. S. Korea expects improvement in relations with China following currency swap
20. (3rd LD) BOK raises economic growth outlook to 3 pct, holds rate at 1.25 pct
21. Moon reveals five-year job plan
22. Korea avoids currency manipulator label
23. Court says 2015 Samsung merger 'valid'
24. [News Focus] Why are investors shunning small-caps on Kospi?


25. Road map to nowhere
26. Toward equitable taxation