DAILY PRESS 10/12/2017

DAILY PRESS 10/12/2017


1. (3rd LD) S. Korea, U.S. to draft plan for future alliance command
2. (LEAD) Australian ministers visit inter-Korean border
3. (2nd LD) S. Korea to create environment for denuclearization talks
4. S. Korea to hold forum on peace, unification next week
5. Pyongyang says it will never agree to a nuclear deal so long as U.S. maintains pressure
6. Trump calls for ‘tip-top shape’ nukes, NK claims ‘balance of power’ with US
7. US won't go to war without ROK: minister
8. North Korea vows to complete nuke program

News & Politics

9. Eight indicted for involvement in spy agency's political meddling
10. (3rd LD) Documents indicate former president lied about her role during Sewol sinking: Cheong Wa Dae
11. (LEAD) Australian ministers visit inter-Korean border
12. Samsung scion Lee begins appeals trial in bribery case
13. ‘Molar Daddy’ owned erotic massage parlor
14. Husband’s murder sparks pet vs human debate
15. Moon to hold third summit with Trump, attend ASEAN, APEC meetings in November
16. Widow undergoes probe, denies role in daughter's death


17. (2nd LD) S. Korea to complete energy transformation road map this year
18. S. Korea moving to toughen regulations on accounting standards
19. (LEAD) S. Korea's agro-trade deficit with U.S. 'serious': minister
20. S. Korea's domestic demand slows down, offsets recovery in exports, production: KDI
21. U.S., Korean Businesspeople Plead Case for FTA
22. Agro-fishery products smuggling rises sharply in recent years: KCS
23. Third attempt at minimum wage reform begins
24. FDI pledges fall 9.7 pct in first three quarters of 2017


25. An unfair conclusion
26. Absence of diplomacy