DAILY PRESS 10/11/2017

DAILY PRESS 10/11/2017


1. N.K. may have replaced head of party unit overseeing state coffers: expert
2. S. Korean companies seek to check equipment in Kaesong complex
3. Time will be ripe for dialogue with N. Korea before March: ex-foreign minister
4. (3rd LD) Two B-1B bombers hold nighttime drill against N. Korea
5. North Korean defectors will get radiation checks
6. North Korea's new infiltration plan: paragliding troops
7. Video of fatal attack on Kim Jong Nam shown at women's trial
8. US senior diplomat to visit Seoul to discuss NK

News & Politics

9. (LEAD) S. Korean top diplomat talks with senior U.S. senator
10. (LEAD) Top Army general indicted on bribery charges
11.(LEAD) Prosecutors raid ex-cyberwarfare commanders' homes in probe of political interference
12. 2 Korean reservoirs registered as world heritage irrigation sites
13. Moon keeps acting chief justice, defying Assembly
14. Korean TV producers call out Chinese copycats: Audiences notice more shows that look very similar to local hits
15. Spy agency hit for meddling in state-issued history textbooks making
16. Parliamentary speaker leaves for Russia to attend IPU


17. Samsung Elec, LG Chem could face tough challenges if taxes are raised: report
18. Gov't to work with Samsung, LG to defend washers in U.S. market
19. S. Korea imposes stricter emission standards on new coal power plants: report
20. (LEAD) OECD advises S. Korea to use more advanced digital tools
21. Korea, China yet to reach a deal
22. Ministry backs nuclear exports
23. S. Korea’s financial chiefs off to Washington for G-20 summit
24. Prudential slapped for conducting lackluster audits


25. Reinforce cybersecurity
26. [Kim Myong-sik] Koreans deserve neither war nor internal conflicts