DAILY PRESS 10/10/2017

DAILY PRESS 10/10/2017


1. N.K. may brace for contact with outside with promotion of FM: report
2. N.K.'s resumption of Kaesong complex violates property rights: Seoul
3. N.K. special forces conduct drills to paraglide into Combined Forces Command
4. Trumps mulls DMZ tour next month: source
5. Defectors fly leaflets into N. Korea on Workers' Party anniversary
6. Corker slams Trump for threats to Pyongyang
7. Jimmy Carter hopes to meet with North’s Kim
8. North Korea passes critical anniversary without provocation

News & Politics

9. Child abuse by parents accounts for 76% of reported cases: ministry
10. Moon's approval rating rises for 2nd consecutive week
11. (LEAD) Cabinet approves law revision allowing for posthumous promotion for retired police officers
12. Opposition parties slam presidential office for retaining rejected court chief nominee
13. Crimes by students, teachers rise
14. Parties spar over envisioned process for KORUS FTA revision
15. Moon defends political reform as move to rebuild nation
16. 14,189 Korean-born adoptees in US undocumented


17. IMF upgrades S. Korea's economic growth outlook to 3 pct this year
18. Foreign investors may adjust portfolios over N. Korea risks: BOK board member
19. (LEAD) S. Korea vows continued support for nuclear export push
20. S. Korea to highlight its solid fundamentals in key meetings in U.S.
21. No decision announced on Korea, China currency swap that expires today
22. LLCs to be included in obligatory gov’t audits
23. KORUS FTA amendment battle heading to National Assembly
24. Moon's policies burden businesses


25. Coping with U.S. trade pressure
26. The case for currency swaps