DAILY PRESS 10/05/2017

DAILY PRESS 10/05/2017


1. N. Korean nuclear attack on Seoul, Tokyo could claim more than 2 mln lives: report
2. North Korea gets second web connection via Russian firm
3. Germany is struggling to shut down a hostel funding North Korea. The hostel is fighting back.
4. Nerve agent VX found on shirts of women accused of North Korean murder, expert says
5. While North Korea pushes ahead in missiles, barely one in three citizens has access to electricity
6. Otto Warmbier's parents want North Korea added to list of state sponsors of terrorism
7. Inside North Korea, and Feeling the Drums of War
8. New York Times columnist sees 'positive changes' in North Korea

News & Politics

9. Gov't beefs up efforts to contain fire ants
10. S. Korean officials defended solar cell makers against U.S. safeguard
11. South Korea gets serious about hidden cameras
12. K-pop agencies move beyond music
13. Korean judge-lawyer couple accused of child abuse in Guam
14. Korean consul jailed for selling visas to Chinese workers
15. 'The Fortress' becomes fastest Chuseok movie to surpass 1 mln in attendance.
16. South Koreans Yawns at Nuclear Controversy


17. (3rd LD) S. Korea, U.S. agree to begin process to amend free trade deal
18. S. Korean political parties emphasize national interest in talks to amend KORUS FTA
19. Indonesia to participate in Daechun Stream Festival in South Korea
20. Chinese tourists desert South Korea’s Jeju Island
21. A year on, anti-corruption law changes South Korea's graft-prone culture
22. Despite Its Note 7 And Bribery Scandals, Samsung Is Somehow Having An Awesome 2017
23. Chuseok a 'golden period' to find new job
24. Vietnamese seafood exporters now put high hopes on South Korean market


25. Colby Cosh: Americans must learn to live with the U.S.-North Korea standoff
26. North Korea won the battle against America's EMP Commission