DAILY PRESS 10/02/2017

DAILY PRESS 10/02/2017


1. N. Korea slams S. Korea-U.S. defense treaty as plot for aggression
2. (LEAD) Trump discourages Tillerson from talking to N. Korea
3. Unification minister urges N. Korea to allow reunion of separated families
4. Second N. Korean restaurant in Vietnam closes amid tightening sanctions
5. Two women accused of murdering North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's brother plead not guilty in Malaysia
6. As sanctions bite, North Korean workers leave Chinese border hub
7. Russia just gave North Korea's internet a big boost
8. Trump dismisses talking to North Korea as wasted time

News & Politics

9. Moon's approval rating rebounds on bipartisan efforts
10. 7 illegal workers injured, 1 killed annually during crackdowns
11. Police list most sex offence-prone stations in Seoul
12. Most Adults Stressed Over Chuseok
13. KAST calls for loosening up of law on bioethics
14. Venomous fire ants found in Busan shipyard
15. Report shows increase in accidents caused by drivers using mobile phones
16. (LEAD) Moon broadcasts traffic conditions for drivers


17. S. Korea's finance minister to put priority on national interest in FTA negotiations with U.S.
18. BOK likely to raise key rate in 1st half of next year: foreign banks
19. S. Korea's traffic death rate still high among OECD members
20. Energy firms to increase investment in renewable energy
21. Growth policy refocused as economy weakens
22. South Korea’s economy faces multiple challenges after Chuseok
23. Exports hit record $55 billion in September, up 35%
24. Korean manufacturing in crisis, beset by rising costs and competition


25. [Editorial] Age-quake
26. Hardworking mermaids