DAILY PRESS 09/27/2017

DAILY PRESS 09/27/2017


1. President Moon vows assistance for N. Koreans despite nuclear tension
2. IAEA chief to visit S. Korea to discuss N. Korean nuke issue
3. USFK focusing on fight readiness, not swayed by N. Korea's rhetoric: official
4. S. Korea, U.S. open alliance talks
5. Trump says US ‘totally prepared’ for military action against NK
6. US ‘very unpleasant’ toward Seoul’s push for military talks with NK: report
7. Otto Warmbier's parents accuse N. Korea of torturing son [VIDEO]
8. Pyongyang sends envoy for talks in Moscow7. Moon agreed to flying B-1Bs near N. Korea coast

News & Politics

9. S. Korean ambassador to Ethiopia to be dismissed over sexual harassment allegations
10. Uzbekistan-ROK relations: where is it and where to go?
11. Bullying sets off juvenile law revision
12. 'Revenge porn offenders to face jail time'
13. [Graphic News] People spend average 580,000 won during Chuseok: data
14. Senior conservative lawmakers agree to build panel for right-wing integration
15. S. Korea steps up bird flu quarantine measures
16. Gov't seizes 2,254 smuggled hidden cameras: customs service


17. Gov't to expand support for homeless people
18. S. Korea to consider giving financial aid to Indian infrastructure project
19. S. Korea's key rate is below neutral rate: board member
20. Gov't to inject 500 bln won to create 100 new drugs by 2026
21. Anti-graft law polarizes big, small firms
22. Korea stagnant in global competitiveness
23. Half of homes will house over-65s by 2045
24. Gov’t sets goals for reducing PM 2.5 fine-dust pollution


25. Amend the Constitution
26. Raising a child with disability