DAILY PRESS 09/26/2017

DAILY PRESS 09/26/2017


1. (LEAD) U.S. Navy's mine-clearing ship in Jeju port
2. S. Korean leader says N. Korea still has chance for peaceful resolution
3. S. Korea reshuffles senior military commanders
4. Air dominance crucial in countering N. Korean threats: U.S. commander
5. NK failed to detect US warplanes off east coast: NIS
6. N. Korea relocated warplanes after B-1B flight: spy agency
7. S. Korea voices regret over senior Japanese official's controversial remarks on N.K. refugees
8. Gas prices in N. Korea trebles amid tougher sanctions: ministry

News & Politics

9. S. Korea reshuffles senior military commanders
10. Main opposition party calls for probe into Roh scandal
11. Comfort women monument not in breach of deal with Japan: Seoul
12. Supreme Court chief vows judiciary reform
13. DP demands a probe into Lee for 2012 election
14. Police bust Topik cheating ring
15. All Seoul districts to have special needs schools
16. Teen suicide rates grow due to high competition


17. S. Korea, Japan discuss ways to boost business ties
18. S. Korean duty-free store to close down business amid THAAD row
19. (LEAD) Creditors to take control of Kumho Tire under debt restructuring program
20. S. Korea economy remains stable despite N.K. provocations: Ex-S&P official
21. Gov’t repeals controversial labor regulations
22. 48% of manufacturers will not recruit in 2018
23. Jinro soju most-sold spirit in the world for 16th year
24. Are NK risks denting consumption, domestic economy?


25. Worst-case scenario
26. Moon and local autonomy