DAILY PRESS 09/15/2017

DAILY PRESS 09/15/2017


1. (4th LD) N. Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan: S. Korea
2. (LEAD) China strongly denounces N.K.'s missile launch
3. (4th LD) Kang holds talks with Tillerson, Kono to discuss countermeasures against N.K. missile launch
4. S. Korea fires two ballistic missiles against N. Korea's provocation
5. Moon says dialogue with North 'impossible'
6. Moon rules out nuclear weapons in South Korea
7. Pyongyang prepares for next nuclear test
8. Mattis changes his mind, says ICBMs are still necessary

News & Politics

9. Moon rejects Abe's call for caution over humanitarian aid to N. Korea
10. Ruling party pushes for parliamentary probe into past gov't alleged media control
11. Nuke envoys of S. Korea, U.S., Japan vow strong response to N.K. missile test
12. (2nd LD) Moon's chief of staff apologizes after minister pick gives up nomination
13. No. of slots for public school teachers to decrease 30% next year
14. Police to set up independent body to monitor abuse
15. Koreans say they are “tired of being surprised” by North Korea
16. Seoul mulls $8 million in aid to Pyongyang


17. PM Lee, Wisconsin governor discuss economy, FTA
18. Regulator to set up task force on regional financial hub

19. THAAD row with China costs S. Korea dear: report
20. S. Korea's trade remains in black for 67th straight month in Aug.
21. KIC eyes 'alternative assets' in Southeast Asia
22. Korea in dilemma over WTO option over China
23. Asian, European ministers to gather in Seoul next week
24. Samsung Electronics, Kakao team up on Bixby, AI tech


25. Leave nukes as option
26. Let young people work