DAILY PRESS 09/13/2017

DAILY PRESS 09/13/2017


1. Ranking U.S. lawmaker seeks sanctions on 12 Chinese banks over N. Korea
2. Trump says sanctions ‘not a big deal’ while aides say Iran deal worked
3. Seoul to return body of presumed N. Korean found near maritime border
4. New sanctions still provide loopholes for N. Korea
5. North Korea denounces new UN sanctions
6. Pyongyang says latest UN actions only prove its path so far was right
7. New sanctions fall short of total embargo on oil
8. S. Korea to hold meeting to discuss implementation plans for UNSC sanctions

News & Politics

9. Investigation may target ex-President Lee Myung-bak
10. Gov't to revise egg coding system
11. Prosecution widening KAI probe to alleged accounting fraud related to fighter jet project
12. (LEAD) Parliament calls SMEs minister nominee 'unfit' in hearing report
13. Cruise Ship Terminal to be Built Near Incheon Airport
14. Korea's University Tuition Among Most Expensive in OECD
15. S. Korea seeking to join Kazakhstan's e-gov't project
16. Gov't promises to build more special needs schools


17. Finance minister hints at slowing pace of minimum wage hike
18. Foreigners sell US$3.25 bln of S. Korean stocks and bonds in Aug.
19. Single household income drops for 3rd straight quarter: gov't data
20. S. Korea's jobless rate remains steady at 3.6 pct in Aug.
21. 'Taking China to WTO is one option'
22. Korean regulations stifle innovation: report
23. Kospi inches up due to institutional buying
24. BOK chief to meet Chinese, Japanese counterparts


25. North Korea policy dilemma
26. Prosecutors vs. judges