DAILY PRESS 09/08/2017

DAILY PRESS 09/08/2017


1. Traces of xenon detected in S. Korea following N. Korea's nuke test
2. (LEAD) S. Korea to explore all steps to block N.K.'s nuke-tipped ICBM development
3. (LEAD) Trump warns of 'very sad day' for N. Korea
4. (2nd LD) N. Korea's H-bomb claim appears true: senior U.S. official
5. N. Korea unlikely to return to dialogue for now
6. 60% of people support South Korea's nuclear armament: poll
7. Mattis tells S. Korea: You will not face N.K. threat alone
8. EU foreign ministers agree to step up economic sanctions on N. Korea

News & Politics

9. (LEAD) S. Korea president says THAAD deployment inevitable but temporary
10. (LEAD) State ordered to compensate victim of slavelike work at salt farm
11. Main opposition steps up claims of gov't attempt to control media
12. (LEAD) Senior diplomat faces probe over alleged abuses
13. Moon and Abe agree to a truce on historical issues friction
14. DP members join chorus calling for U.S. nukes
15. S. Korea mulls beefing up own missile defense
16. Dismissals of arrest warrants for ex-NIS, KAI officials put brakes on probes


17. Lagarde expects S. Korea's stable growth despite N. Korea risks
18. Ambassador nominee vows to work out trade row with U.S.
19. S. Korean retailers struggling with unfavorable sentiment, losses in China
20. U.S. lawmakers defend Samsung, LG in safeguard hearing: report
21. Navigation apps race to add AI
22. Concerns growing over 'parachute appointments' in finance
23. Alliance costs weigh on Korean economy
24. Public overseas investment funds back on track


25. Beijing out of control
26. Shattered American dreams