DAILY PRESS 08/30/2017

DAILY PRESS 08/30/2017


1. (LEAD) N.K. says it launched Hwasong-12 missile to counter Seoul-Washington drills
2. (3rd LD) N.K. confirms intermediate-range missile launch, hints at more tests
3. S. Korea to host int'l defense forum next week
4. (2nd LD) Moon, Abe agree to increase pressure on N. Korea to 'extreme' level
5. North Korea leader signals more missile launches
6. Trump's North Korea policy lacks coherence
7. Will North Korea make missiles over Japan the new normal?
8. NK’s ICBM deployment could prompt US preventive strike: expert

News & Politics

9. (LEAD) Moon names new ambassadors to U.S., China and Japan
10. Ex-spy agency chief sentenced to 4 years
11. ASEAN members and Korea seek ways to strengthen ties
12. Bereaved families join hands to shed light on 1923 massacre in Japan
13. (LEAD) President calls for shift in food production methods to ensure safety
14. Surge of young drug offenders in Korea
15. S. Korean governor to attend U.N. panel's debate on local governments, human rights
16. Minister vows greater support for multicultural people


17. (LEAD) Seoul stocks rebound from N. Korea's missile rout
18. S. Korean investment in overseas securities up 41 pct in Q2
19. Moody's upgrades S. Korea's economic growth outlook to 2.8 pct this year
20. Gov’t plans to ease burden of household debt
21. Changing an industry dominated by old hands
22. Gov't to tackle multinational firms' tax evasion
23. (LEAD) Rising household debt drags economic growth: regulator
24. (News Focus) China, wage talks pose serious challenges for Hyundai Motor


25. Time for Thaad
26. [Kim Myong-sik] Ask for sweat, blood instead of handing out sweets