DAILY PRESS 08/10/2017

DAILY PRESS 08/10/2017


1. (2nd LD) Seoul urges N. Korea to halt all provocations, says door for dialogue still open
2. Seoul mayor expresses hope to visit Pyongyang
3. S. Korea calls for Pyongyang to stop harsh words, respond to talks offer
4. S. Korea welcomes N. Korea's release of Korean-Canadian pastor
5. (3rd LD) N. Korea unveils detailed plan for missile strikes near Guam
6. (2nd LD) S. Korea's military vows retaliation against N. Korea for attack
7. Trump urged to stop 'bombastic rhetoric'
8. Guam residents 'very concerned' over N. Korea's missile threat

News & Politics

9. 'Mooncare' draws strong backlash
10. Gov't to shake up college entrance exam
11. More grow wary of marriage, favoring single life
12. Remains of 33 forced Korean workers during WW2 returned from Japan
13. Gov’t repays residents of Seongju amid Thaad dispute
14. Sexual slavery victims to attend Liberation Day ceremony for first time next week
15. (LEAD) Court rejects McDonald's injunction against consumer report disclosure
16. Automakers threaten to move factories offshore ahead of court ruling on wages


17. K-Bank to raise 100 bln won through rights offering
18. Korean Air Line suffers losses in Q2
19. BOK chief says closely watching tensions over N. Korea
20. (LEAD) S. Korean shares end lower on foreign selling amid tensions over N. Korea
21. ‘Blind hiring’ causes stir among Korea’s top ranks
22. Markets say tightening is afoot
23. Gov't turns eyes to cool household debt
24. Seoul stocks likely to remain volatile


25. Don’t ignore a crisis
26. Escalation of threats