DAILY PRESS 08/08/2017

DAILY PRESS 08/08/2017


1. (2nd LD) N. Korea threatens 'physical' actions over new U.N. sanctions
2. (LEAD) N.K.'s diplomatic isolation deepening following repeated provocations
3. (LEAD) Trump discusses N. Korea with top officials
4. (LEAD) Human rights expert tapped to lead South Korea's Red Cross
5. 'UN sanctions don't ban Gaeseong park'
6. N. Korea gets cold shoulder at ARF
7. Envoys from North, South meet at ARF
8. U.S.-S. Korea missile guideline revision under active consideration: Pentagon

News & Politics

9. PM orders thorough probe into abuse of power
10. (LEAD) Moon taps former prosecutor as new Constitutional Court justice
11. Moon offers gov't apology to victims of toxic humidifier disinfectants
12. (2nd LD) S. Korea denounces Japan's renewed claim to Dokdo
13. Soldiers worked like slaves for Gen. Park, his wife
14. Korea ratifies benefit sharing of genetic resources
15. Outside committee to review prosecutorial discretion
16. (LEAD) Court rules Mitsubishi must pay compensation to forced labor victims


17. U.S. trade pressure on China to hit S. Korea hard: report
18. 14 shippers form alliance to boost competitiveness
19. Samsung smartphones' presence in Japan expands in Q2
20. Gov’t lowers ceiling on some lenders’ interest rates
21. [News Focus] Fate of Samsung, heir hinge on ‘trial of the century’
22. Experts agree with taxing multiple homeowners
23. 50,000 won notes top W80 tril.
24. More Mercedes-Benz luxury cars sold in Korea than Germany in first half


25. Time to be tough
26. The coming chaos on Korean Peninsula