DAILY PRESS 08/02/2017

DAILY PRESS 08/02/2017


1. N. Korea's missile threat in 'new phase': regional powers
2. (LEAD) Pro-Pyongyang paper accuses Moon of misjudging changing status of N. Korea
3. N. Korea rejects joint civilian event to mark Korea's Liberation Day
4. (LEAD) S. Korea, U.S. in close, daily consultation on N. Korean missile: official
5. Moon’s Thaad decision has Beijing fuming
6. North might be able to hit most of mainland U.S.
7. Trump willing to go to 'war' with N. Korea
8. US sets Sept. 1 date for start of N. Korea travel ban

News & Politics

9. (LEAD) Conservative parties slam gov't tax hike plan
10. (LEAD) Opposition parties rail against gov't real estate policy
11. S. Korean president vows enhanced cooperation with Indonesia, ASEAN
12. Assembly speaker to visit Iran, Pakistan, Myanmar to bolster ties
13. Thaad environmental study was kept a secret
14. Former Samsung execs say Choi extorted them
15. Seonam University doomed to close
16. Before police questioning, Chong Kun Dang chairman apologizes for insulting drivers


17. Samsung heir denies involvement in key merger in corruption trial
18. S. Korean firms face 190 import tariffs in 28 countries
19. Banks urged to tighten mortgage screening to curb property speculation
20. (LEAD) S. Korea to increase tax rates for rich people, big firms
21. Seoul’s real estate market is hot, hot, hot
22. Inflation reaches 4-month high
23. Experts criticize proposal to drop tobacco prices
24. Kakao sheds shares despite Kakao Bank's popularity


25. Refusing to be ignored
26. Nearsighted property steps