DAILY PRESS 07/11/2017

DAILY PRESS 07/11/2017


1. No expectation from N.K.'s acceptance of Moon's peace proposal: pro-N.K. paper
2. U.S. commander: THAAD protects 10 mln people in southern Korea
3. N. Korea yet to obtain missile re-entry technology: spy agency
4. Reach of North’s ICBM growing fast: U.S. expert
5. U.S. digs in on tough sanctions
6. THAAD retaliation may cost Korea 5 mil. tourists
7. Moon Jae-in calls for N. Korea to respond to peace initiative
8. No negotiation until NK abandons nukes: Pence

News & Politics

9. S. Korea vows continued efforts to expose Japan's wartime sex crimes
10. Moon delays appointment of new ministers to get opposition support
11. Opposition party member undergoes hearing on arrest warrant in fake tip-off scandal
12. Bus driver fatigue leads to thousands of accidents, 414 deaths in past 5 years
13. ‘Verbal abuse is most common form of school violence’
14. Park trial draws some ‘enthusiastic’ audience
15. Law revision sought for better protection of migrant kids
16. LKP reform panel chief says impeachment was 'unfair'


17. (LEAD) New ICT minister vows to push forward tough reform
18. S. Korean tiltroter successfully completes takeoff, landing on ship
19. S. Korean auto parts firms can be competitive in Iran, Russia, India: experts
20. First 100 days prove K bank concept works
21. Stock value of exporters rises in first half
22. Startups, investors meet for talks about Asia’s new economy
23. Chips to supercharge Samsung Electronics
24. Citibank scales down branch reduction plan


25. A costly decision
26. 'Cooperative politics' gone