DAILY PRESS 06/08/2017

DAILY PRESS 06/08/2017


1. N. Korea fires multiple anti-ship missiles: S. Korean military
2. N. Korea dispatches delegation to New York meeting on disabled people
3. China urges N. Korea to not escalate tensions after missile launch
4. Two rescued N. Korean sailors voice hopes to defect to S. Korea: Seoul
5. North fires several short-range missiles into East Sea
6. Moon blasts NK missile test, says no compromise on security
7. US Senator shows discontent over THAAD delay
8. ICBM test is N. Korea's next step

News and Politics

9. (LEAD) Abe voices hope for future-oriented ties with new S. Korean gov't
10. Former comfort women voice support for embattled foreign minister nominee
11. Policy advisory panel to put highest priority on tackling low birthrate
12. (News Focus) Moon wins acclaim for breaking authoritarian mold
13. Assembly likely to reject FM nominee
14. People love Moon's folksy ways
15. Kang says Korea needs to assume a global leadership role
16. Unapproved seeds found growing throughout South Korea


17. Policy advisory panel to put highest priority on tackling low birthrate
18. Stinger sports car adds premium touch to Kia's lineup
19. Moon's job committee listens to voices of SMEs ahead of raising minimum wage
20. LG Chem lands $12.6M grant for polio vaccines
21. New Cities Summit kicks off in Songdo
22. DSME to receive emergency W200b in aid next week
23. Novartis faces further prosecution on bribery
24. Korea's Trade Surplus with U.S. Drops 30%


25. Beware ideological bias
26. Kang's qualification as FM