Daily Press 06-12-2017

Daily Press 06-12-2017


1. (LEAD) Moon says N. Korean denuclearization matter of survival for S. Korea
2. N. Korea urges S. Korea to implement summit agreement
3.  S. Korean firms urge support to cover fallout of inter-Korean complex shutdown
4. N.K. yet to ask S. Korea to approve taekwondo team's visit
5. Pyongyang’s historical relationship with Beijing
6. North says it can test first ICBM at ‘any time’
7. Why did N. Korean leader's brother have $120,000 in pocket when assassinated?
8. N.Korea 'Not Far Away' from Testing Intercontinental Missile

News & Politics

9. (LEAD) Parties fail to adopt hearing reports on top gov't, judicial nominees
10. (LEAD) S. Korean president proposes 2030 FIFA World Cup in Northeast Asia
11. (LEAD) Belgian princess gets honorary citizenship from Seoul
12. Moon tabs reformists for education, justice, defense
13. President to seek support for his new budget plan
14. Liberty Korea Party leadership race shapes up
15. Three more conscientious objectors found not guilty
16. 62 percent of people support foreign minister nominee


17. (2nd LD) CJ Cheiljedang to spend 900 bln won on new facility, acquisition
18. Scientists develop new 3D printing technology
19. S. Korean firms face protectionism in major markets: KITA
20. S. Korean firms urge support to cover fallout of inter-Korean complex shutdown
21. Household debt among the world’s fastest rising
22. Saving Rates soar to Highest in 19 Years
23. Young Consumers Spend Less Amid Soaring Rental Costs
24.Tougher lending rules to adversely affect economy: think tank


25. Moon’s address is the key
26. Ruining US 2ID's centennial party