DAILY PRESS 05-24-2017

DAILY PRESS 05-24-2017


1. S. Korean military to upgrade foe, friend identification system
2. S. Korea says it fired warning shots at 'balloons' from North
3. S. Korea reaffirms firm response to N.K. nukes, but openness to civilian exchanges
4. EU continues to restrict N. Korea's Air Koryo from entering its space
5. N.K. claims its new ferry service with Russia is normal economic activity
6. Moon needs 'carrot and stick' for N. Korea
7. N.Korean Drone Crosses Military Demarcation Line
8. China's skepticism may open up new chance to denuclearize North: scholar

News and Politics

9. President says special envoys helped fill diplomatic hiatus
10. Moon's advisory panel to submit gov't reorganization proposal to parliament next month
11. PM nominee grilled over credentials, allegations about family members
12. Park pleads innocent to all 18 charges
13. Tokyo objects to UN ruling on comfort women deal
14. Moon's FM nominee due in Seoul to prepare for confirmation hearing
15. Moon’s river probe order puts auditor in dilemma
16. Hong Joon-pyo reveals bid to become LKP leader


17. FTC to strengthen financial punishment against intra-group trading
18. SK head leaves for Beijing with aim to normalize Chinese businesses
19. Retailers plan more hirings as gov't emphasizes job creation
20. S. Korean SMEs near bottom among OECD countries in entrepreneur spirit\
21. Activists call collusion on phone service fees
22. Household debt hits new records, but slows
23. Planned fund focuses on investing for a cause
24. S. Korea to launch a public big data center within 2017


25. TPP trade deal and Korea
26. Environmental protection is key