Daily Press 05-18-2017

Daily Press 05-18-2017


1. Thousands of N. Korean propaganda leaflets found in eastern city
2. N.K preparing for cruise missile strikes: RFA
3. 'Shadow Brokers' to release N. Korean missile, nuclear network data 
4. U.S. conducts military drill to counter N. Korea's WMDs
5. North may be running low on mobile launchers
6.Trump discusses North with Moon envoy
7.U.S. willing to hold dialogue if N.K. halts nuke tests
8. All PSC-inspected N. Korean ships have deficiencies: report

News & Politics

9. Senior prosecutor, ministry official offer to resign after Moon's inspection order
10. Abe vows to build future-oriented ties with S. Korea
11. S. Korea dismisses Japan's protest against maritime research near Dokdo
12. Moon vows to get to bottom of crackdown on 1980 democracy movement
13. Park Blue House left no records
14.  Gwangju ceremony gets full treatment after nine subdued years
15.  Envoy calls for political neutrality of diplomats
16.  Ex-veterans affairs minister in hot seat


17. Antitrust regulator to scrutinize 4 major conglomerates: nominee
18. S. Korea's overseas direct investment hits record high in Q1
19. SMEs call on new gov't to create new ministry, provide extensive support
20. Egg prices rise on supply concerns
21. China expands presence in Indian handset market, threatens Samsung
22. Moon’s job pledge spreads hope
23. ‘Human touch’ vital to digitize banks
24. Energy firms on alert over shutdown plan of coal-fired power plants


25. [Editorial] On 37th anniversary, more truth of Gwangju massacre must come to light
26. A delicate balance