DAILY PRESS 05-17-2017

DAILY PRESS 05-17-2017


1. U.S. to stage int'l campaign against N. Korea
2. U.S. to further tighten sanctions on N. Korea, go after third country entities: Haley
3. U.S. nuclear scientist: N. Korea has 'ample technical reason' to conduct sixth nuclear test
4. Ex-security advisor Rice calls for steadily increasing pressure on N. Korea
5. North Korea acquires re-entry technology
6. UN ‘demands’ Pyongyang cease nuclear, missile tests
7. Cyberattack: N. Korea's new cash source?
8. S. Korea calls for reopening inter-Korean communication channel

South Korean News and Politics

9. President orders probe into senior judiciary officials
10.Envoy: 'Comfort women' deal not accepted by Koreans
11. Moon to meet floor leaders of five major parties this week
12. Summit between Moon and Trump set for late June
13. Park Geun-hye Blue House left no records behind
14. Gwangju uprising ceremony to be held with full gov't support
15. 14 companies report 'WannaCry' damage in S. Korea
16. Human Skill Found in Ferry Wreck


17. "Chaebol reformist" named head of S. Korea's corporate watchdog
18. CJ Group chief vows to strive for growth after absence
19. Samsung Heavy ordered to partially suspend operation after fire
20. Seoul shares down 0.1 pct on lack of momentum
21. Kospi firms’ Q1 profit growth hints at recovery
22. At this 7-Eleven, you pay for stuff with your palm
23. GS Group chief emphasizes innovation
24. Middle-aged group says parents' medical bills biggest financial burden


25. Summit scenarios
26. Reinventing conservative parties