Daily Press 05-11-2017

Daily Press 05-11-2017


1. U.S. to use all means to denuclearize Korean Peninsula: nominee for deputy secretary of state
2.  N.K. urges S. Korea to end 'confrontational' policies as Moon takes office
3.  N. Korea again accuses Seoul, Washington of planning terror attack on Kim Jong-un
4. Reopening of Kaesong complex requires U.N. sanctions-related review: official
5. CIA forms new unit to watch Pyongyang
6. THAAD to test Moon's diplomatic finesse
7. Pro-North Korea newspaper with unusually quick response to S. Korean election
8. Seoul seeks inter-Korean talks at PyeongChang Olympics: Moon adviser

South Korean News and Politics

9. Moon to send lawmaker as special envoy to China: sources
10. Most S. Koreans expect Moon to do good job: survey
11. S. Korean president hints at scrapping deal with Japan over sexual slavery
12. Moon says he will visit Washington first
13. Nominees for key posts announced in first hours
14. Xi invites Moon to Beijing
15. Sales of books about Moon Jae-in surge


17. Big foreign firms splurge on dividends, scrimp on donations
18. Moon’s economic plan: more jobs, higher taxes
19. Manufacturing supply grows at a record pace
20. Banks need cultural change amid disruption
21. Foreign financial firms optimistic on Moon administration
22. Korea Talks with Saudi Arabia to Promote Cooperation in Seven Industries
23. Youth Jobless Rate Hits Record High of 11.2% in April
24. Korean FSC chief advises next govt to break the barriers in financial sector


25. Moon Spends Promising 1st Day in Office
26. Korea-U.S. summit needed