Daily Press 05-10-2017

Daily Press 05-10-2017


1. N. Korea unveils 'satellite photos' of THAAD in S. Korea
2. Secret negotiator for two inter-Korean summits tapped as spy chief
3. S. Korea warns possible N.K. nuke test is 'foolish' choice
4. S. Korea pushes statement on N.K. nukes during NPT meeting
5. N.K. attaches importance to int'l cooperation in human rights
6. Moon to seek dialogue with N.K., but Pyongyang's nukes limit his leeway
7. Trump offers meeting to Kim Jong-un: report
8. Pyongyang hackers break into 63 ATMs

News and Politics

9. President Moon Jae-in's inaugural address
10. S. Korea orders overseas missions to stand vigilant against security risks amid government change
11. (2nd LD) Moon likely to seek policy continuity in economy: Moody's
12. (LEAD) Xi congratulates Moon on election win, expresses hopes to resolve differences
13. [News analysis] As President, can Moon Jae-in tear down the edifice of corruption?
14. Candlelight citizens celebrate Moon’s election as their victory
15. What Next for Ahn Cheol-soo?
16. 10 Korean Children Killed in School Bus Accident in China


17. Moon likely to seek policy continuity in economy: Moody's
18. Demand for cheap Chinese vehicles rise in S. Korea
19. IMF holds Korea’s GDP forecast
20.Producers raise prices ahead of election
21. Financial authorities face overhaul
22. Chaebol reform drive to bolster FTC
23.Moon Jae-in to push for renewable energy policies
24.Superstore Sales Inch Above W40 Trillion


25. The new president’s challenges
26. Don't let Trump, Xi decide Korea's future