Daily Press 03/20/2017

Daily Press 03/20/2017


1. N.K. renames agency handling weapons development: source|
2. N.K. vows continued nuclear deterrent steps against U.S. hostile policy
3. Defense minister declares no retreat on national security issues
4. Top U.S. nuke envoy visits Seoul amid growing threats from N.K.
5. Russia takes swipe at US missile defense in South Korea
6. NK’s Kim ‘acting very, very badly’: Trump
7. Seoul says N. Korea's rocket engine 'meaningful' progress
8. North announces successful test of powerful engine

South Korean News and Politics

9. France will continue collaboration with S. Korea's next government: minister
10. S. Korean embassy in China issues safety warning to football fans amid pre-World Cup qualifier tension
11. Former ruling party narrows down presidential contenders to 4
12. Park to deliver message before being questioned
13. Park faces questioning over secret funds
14. Korea's birthrate lowest among OECD members
15. Constitutional court hires first non-Korean deputy director
16. Poll: 57% of S. Koreans want a “progressive/reformist-leaning administration”


17. Lotte family denies all criminal allegations in first hearing
18. POSCO chairman says donations to dubious foundations made under pressure
19.Beijing rejects Seoul’s offer to talk in Germany
20. As jobs shrink, attitudes on foreign workers shift
21. Korea appeals China’s possible violations to WTO: trade minister
22. Korea lags behind US in key economic indicators
23. Insurers may fall victim to THAAD row
24. Korea works long hours with low productivity


25. This Is No Time to Toy with the Korea-U.S. Alliance
26. Finish the investigation quickly