Daily Press 03/07/2017

Daily Press 03/07/2017


1.  U.S. missile systems form shield against N. Korean threats
2.  N. Korea says missile launch targeted U.S. bases in Japan
3.  U.S. begins process to deploy THAAD to S. Korea
4.  S. Korea reiterates nuke-free stance amid talk of redeploying U.S. nukes to Korea
5.  Thaad deployment begins months early
6.  North provokes again with four missiles
7.  Hwang, Trump agree to strengthen deterrence against N.Korea
8.  Malaysia to end visa waiver program with North Korea

News & Politics

9. (LEAD) Ex-interim head of main opposition to leave the party 
10. Acting president calls for expanded economic cooperation with Saudi Arabia
11. Ban casts woe over prolonged vacancy in S. Korea's leadership
12. Park's lawyers urge court to ignore probe results in impeachment review
13. Spy chief denies illegal surveillance on court's impeachment ruling
14. Korea struggles with relations to China and U.S.
15. Acting President Hwang calls NSC at base bunker
16. Eight of 10 Koreans back jail for Park Geun-hye


17. Samsung Electronics ranked world's 16th in market cap: data
18. Shinhan Bank will seek M&As in Asia: new CEO
19. (LEAD) S. Korean firms urged to come up with measures for U.S. trade restrictions
20. Top trade adviser to Trump accuses LG, Samsung of unfair practices
21. KEPCO emerging as potential buyer for Westinghouse
22. SM, YG, JYP busted for unfair contracts
23. Banks worry over China's THAAD retaliation
24. Samsung Electronics’ stock closes at over 2 million won for the first time


25. Playing with fire
26. Suing China for THAAD