DAILY PRESS 03-15-2017

DAILY PRESS 03-15-2017


1. (LEAD) Malaysia confirms Kim Jong-nam's identity with child's DNA sample: report
2. 2 S. Koreans arrested in China for helping N.K. defectors
3. N. Korea's foreign earnings likely to dive amid sanctions.|
4. Expert calls for inter-Korean summit after May election
5. THAAD is for self-defense solely aimed at NK missiles: official
6. No. of visa-free nations for North Korean reduced to 39
7. S. Korea, U.S., Japan conduct a missile defense drill
8. S. Korea, U.S. Marine Corps chiefs call for vigilance against N. Korea WMDs

South Korean News and Politics

9. S. Korea vigilant as China's travel ban takes effect
10.Prosecutors probe conglomerates over Park scandal
11. Contenders welcome Hwang's decision not to run for president
12. Presidential election day to be held on May 9
13. Prosecutors to summon Park as a suspect
14. Police asked to protect children near Park's home
15. THAAD row not affecting PyeongChang-Beijing Winter Games
16. LKP primary race crowded with minor hopefuls


17. Samsung gains 14 pct, ranks 16th worldwide by market cap
18. Prosecutors probe conglomerates over Park scandal
19. S. Korea's finance minister to attend G20 meeting
20. S. Korea vigilant as China's travel ban takes effect
21. Seoul rolls out a preemptive defense of FTA with the U.S.
22. At the heart of THAAD tension, Lotte supermarkets deserted, vandalized
23. Korea goes all-out to diversify export markets
24. S. Korea’s jobless rate hit 7-year high of 5.0% in February


25. Hwang's right decision
26. Numbers don’t lie