Daily Press 02/24/2017

Daily Press 02/24/2017


1. S. Korea says 'faithfully' enforcing UN sanctions against Pyongyang
2. N. Korea bristles at S. Korean top diplomat's remarks in Munich
3. Trump says he's 'very angry' at N.K. missile launch, too late to meet with Kim Jong-un
4. VX nerve agent killed half brother of N.K. leader: Malaysian police
5. N.Korea Blames Seoul for Kim Jong-nam's Death
6. US may relist N. Korea as state 'terrorism sponsor'
7. NK moving solidly toward nuclear 'second strike capability'
8. North Korea calls Kim Jong-nam’s killing a “conspiracy orchestrated by South Korea”

News & Politics

9.  Man stabs himself in front of Seoul mayor
10.  Acting president pledges to increase public rental housing
11.  Moon continues to dominate opinion poll
12.  Parties condemn acting president over souvenir watches
13.  Busan encouraged to move statue
14.  Koreans warned about lethal bird flu in China
15.  Park Geun-hye hesitant to testify in court
16.  Seoul struggles with rising subway fare-dodging


17. Finance minister dismisses talk of 'April crisis'
18. Samsung Electronics sets new rule for donations after scandal
19. Gov’t pushes to end workweek at 4 p.m. Friday
20. Bank of Korea keeps rate steady
21. Korea to revise law on personal pension scheme
22. Household real income, spending drop in 2016
23. Households cut spending for the first time since 2003
24. Real estate investment cap could increase for investment banking


25. The clock is ticking
26. Row over 'girl statue'