Daily Press 02-10-2017

Daily Press 02-10-2017


1. UN search list for S. Koreans abducted by N. Korea growing: expert group
2. Kaesong factory zone's shutdown hits N.K.'s nukes, missile development: Seoul
3. U.N. designates N. Korea as one of 12 forgotten crises countries needing help
4. U.S. official warns N.K. provocations could affect Trump's strategy on Pyongyang
5. USFK Chief Hints at Preemptive Strikes Against N.Korean Missiles
6. Korea's Marine Corps chief awarded US medal for strengthening alliance
7. US aircraft carrier looks to join Seoul-Washington military drill
8. Top diplomats of S. Korea and U.S. expected to meet next week: source

South Korean News and Politics

9. Quickening impeachment trial sets stage for heated rallies over weekend
10. Acting president refuses to clarify stance on extension of probe into Park
11. South Chungcheong Gov. An narrows gap with front-runner Moon: survey
12. Korean-American group to install 'comfort women' statue in Atlanta in April
13. Committee agrees to end 5-year system
14. Hundreds of artists file suit against Park for blacklist
15. Ban Ki-moon considers professorship offer from Harvard University
16. National flags bother anti-Park protesters


17.  State pension fund faces management crisis
18.  Anti-graft law directly hits restaurants
19.  S. Korean shares climb in late morning trading
20.  FMD outbreak leads to meat price hike
21.  Seoul stocks gain on Trump's tax cut plans
22.  S. Korea logs budget surplus for 2 straight yrs in 2016
23.  Report: Won grew more volatile in January
24.  Government to balance supply, demand of rice


25. Who shakes the court?
26. 1 year after closure