Daily Pres 05/19/2017

Daily Pres 05/19/2017


1. Two U.S. aircraft carriers set for drills in East Sea: source 
N. Korea criticizes Moon's dual-track policy toward it
3. Top organizer for PyeongChang 2018 offers to open land route for N. Korea
4. Tillerson wants N.K. to trust U.S. promise of no hostility, refrain from nuclear, missile tests
5. North may be running low on mobile launchers
6. Trump discusses North with Moon envoy
7. Moon will mull Thaad decision
8. US will not seek North Korea regime change: Tillerson

News and Politics

9. Moon reaffirms campaign pledge to complete constitutional revision by June next year
10. Moon names Seoul Mayor Park special envoy to ASEAN
11. Remains found in Sewol ferry identified as student
12. (News Focus) Incheon becoming lively again amid melting Seoul-Beijing discord
13. Opposition parties welcome talks on constitutional revision
14. Progressive justice Kim Yi-su to head Constitutional Court
15. Special envoy proposes to make up with Japan
16. [Interview] China wants stability in relations with South Korea


17. S. Korea imposes 10 pct anti-dumping duties on Chinese offset printing plates
18. Trade body says S. Korea should prepare for influx of Chinese travelers
19. New head of FTC to put chaebol on shorter leash
20. Is plan to ban diesel feasible?
21. New gov't to tweak merit pay for public agencies: analysts
22. ‘External uncertainties to heighten stock market sensitivity’
23. 2018 budget to focus on jobs, income growth
24. President's debt relief pledge raising concerns


25. Pressure and dialogue
26. Healing scars of Gwangju