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  Around the globe, government and private ventures in the ethanol and biodiesel industry are booming on the basis of their potential to replace fossil oil, to reduce carbon emissions...
Thursday, December 25, 2008 - 2:55pm
Author(s): Gilmar Masiero
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Globalization is a hallmark of the twenty first-century world. As transportation and telecommunications grow in both efficiency and level of performance and as the ambit of the Internet expands, it...
Thursday, December 25, 2008 - 2:55pm
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  The penetration of the Internet in Korean society is usually seen as a positive development, perhaps even a model for other countries; more efficient bureaucracy, more political figures...
Tuesday, November 25, 2008 - 2:55pm
Author(s): Youngmi Kim
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In the field of international security, few connections have been made between the Korean peninsula with the Middle East. Traditional regional studies literature focuses on Korean issues within the...
Saturday, October 25, 2008 - 2:55pm
Author(s): Christina Y. Lin
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After the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) is approved by the legislatures of Korea and the United States, it will likely provide a turning point for the countries’ bilateral trade...
Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 2:55pm
Author(s): Jaemin Lee
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  The denuclearization of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) continues to be a source of considerable international concern. Yet, no coherent international framework has...
Friday, July 25, 2008 - 2:55pm
Author(s): Anne Wu
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  Korea is arguably the premier development success story of the last half century. Despite this success, there has been a nagging sense among many observers that the development ...
Sunday, May 25, 2008 - 2:55pm
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The unique restriction of a one-time, five-year presidential term in the Republic of Korea (ROK) has often resulted in short-lived changes to the way the nation’s chief executive ...
Friday, April 25, 2008 - 2:55pm
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  During the past several decades numerous discussions about the problems of education in South Korea have been advanced by government officials, education experts, teachers, students...
Tuesday, March 25, 2008 - 2:55pm
Author(s): S.J. Chang
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  The automobile industry is a dynamic and significant sec-tor in most of the major economies in the world. It is closely related to various other manufacturing sectors such as...
Monday, February 25, 2008 - 2:55pm
Author(s): Sang-yirl Nam
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